Thinking Of Recording An Event For A Long Hours With Easy? Either Meetings, Lectures, Sermon, Investigations etc ...

Here Comes The Final Solution

This USB Voice recorder Is Simply The Best When It Comes To Recording An Event Without Anyone Around You Suspect Anything


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It can be use anywhere at anytime. 

​This Unique product Can Be Use 

  1.  In School To Receive Lectures
  2. It Can Be Use In Church And Mosques To Record Sermon
  3. It Is Good For Board Room Meetings And Meetings Generally
  4. Can Also Be Used To Monitor Activities In Your Home Or Your Office Without Any Of Your Staff Suspecting Anything
  5. Are You Into Investigative Journalism? This Product Is Simply The Best For You
  6. It Can Also Be Used By Police Officer To Gather Information  From Suspect Without He/She Suspecting Anything

​If I think back to my school or college days, especially the classes, all I can remember is fervently taking down notes during lectures.

 I remember my classmates joking about the fact that whatever the instructor said was written down. Though I could write fairly fast to keep pace with the lecture, it was often quite hard to think about the lecture topics and write them down at the same time.

Even today, when I attend official meetings or conferences, I still feel the same. I considered carrying a tape recorder along, but due to the short record time and poor quality it is just not an option, and the biggest disadvantage is that I can't load the recording onto my PC. 

How I wish this unique product was available then. Thank God I now have it handy now.

  • Good For Students: Are you a students, get this usb voice recorder and take it to lecture room to record all the lectures. You can now listen to the recorded version at your on convenient. Very good for revision.
  • You Can Use It To Monitor Activities In Your Home Or Offices: Yes  this usb voice recorder can be used to monitor what people are saying at your back. I can still remembered vividly about my uncle that was suspecting his wife of adultery, He got this usb voice recorder and just put it on the shelf in the sitting room. His wife without suspecting anything invited her concubine to come over again. Unfortunately for them, this recorder captured all their conversation. The end of this story is better imagine
  • ​Why you should have this USB

  • Can Be Used For Board Room Meetings: If you are a secretary, Just get this usb voice recorder and always take it to the meeting. It will help you in writing your minutes in a way that even your boss will continue to credit you for having a computer brain, without them knowing your secret.
  • You can also use it to record yourself while having conversation with people. It is going to be a good reference point when the person wanted to deny all that he has said, as you can easily play it back to the person to listen to all what he has said. With this usb voice recorder, no room for denial.  
  • The advantages of this usb voice recorder is just too numerous to mention, as it means different things to different people.
  • Here Are The Advantages Of This USB Voice Recorder!

    • Small And Portable: It is very small and it can be placed anywhere without anyone suspecting anything.
    • Long Battery Life: Once fully charge, the battery can record up to 14hrs non stop.
    • It Is easy To Play: To listen to what you have recorded, simply plug it to your computer or any radio with USB port  and you will listen to all your recorded conversations clean and clear.
    • Can Be Used To Save Documents: This USB voice recorder can also be used to store other documents like normal flash drive

    Here Are The Advantages Of This USB Voice Recorder!



    • ​This Usb voice recorder has an inbuilt battery that can last up to 14hrs of recording when fully charged. To charge the device, simply plug it to your laptop or any usb charger. When it is charging, it will show a red light which will be blinking intermittently. The red light will stop once it fully charged. The battery will be fully charged in less than an hour. Once it is fully charged, kindly disconnect to save the battery life.



    • ​Their is an off/on switch beside the device. Simply push the switch to ON. It will show a red light which will blink for like 3 times and then goes off. Once the light stop, recording has started. Simply place it around you and it will cover everything everyone is saying within that vicinity. Please note that this recording device can pick a voice of up to 15 feet afar


    How T​​​​o Listen To Your Recording.

    • ​Simply plug it to your laptop, you will see a folder term RECORD. Click on that folder, you will see all the file you have recorded. Simply right click on anyone you want to listen  to by  picking  a media player in your computer to listen . AS simple as ABC

    ​CAUTION: To avoid damaging the battery, ensure you did not record while charge the battery.

    Don't just get this product for yourself, Get it for your children in higher institutions and they will ever appreciate you for it. It makes revision easy.

    You can also get it for your secretary in the office. Your pastor in church. Your Imam in Mosque or anyone you know always have a long meeting, conference or sermon and getting it recorded is very tasking. This USB Voice Recorder makes it simple, as they can always play back at their own convenient. This is a special gift that anyone that appreciate keeping records of special event will appreciate.

    Here Are The Advantages Of This USB Voice Recorder!

    ​Mrs Olayemi


    "Am the secretary to the ceo of my company, since I got this devices, I always ensure I take it along with me to any meeting. After the meeting, I will listen to it again and use it to write the minutes of the meeting. My boss always wonder about my accuracy despite that I  jotted little things in the meeting. Alas, it is only me that knows my secret. This USB Voice Recorder has been of a great assistance, as the recording is always clean and clear.

    I have since bought additional four for my children in the university"



    ​I must confess that taking this USB Voice recorder to lecture room has helped me a great deal. I always ensure I record all the lectures of the day. Once I get back to my hostel, I will upload it to my laptop. With that, I can listen to it over and over again. It helps me for easy assimilation and for revision purpose. I have since introduced  the device to most of course mate."





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