Thinking Of Recording An Event For A Long Hours With Easy? Either Meetings, Lectures, Sermon, Investigations etc ...Here Comes The Final Solution

​USB Mini Digital Voice Recorder with 8GB Flash Drive

Simplest of the digital voice recorders. On off switch to operate. One touch recording. Long lasting battery - record all day for 12 hours if you need to. Amazingly simple charging just plug the USB voice recorder into a USB port in your computer. Eliminates need for extra charging cables


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5 star reviews

Why You should Buy It NOW!!!

This USB Voice recorder Is simply The Best When It Comes To Recording An Event Without Anyone Around You Suspect Anything! 

  • NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED, EASY DOWNLOAD, NO LIGHT/FLASHING DURING RECORDING - The recorder only flashes for about 5 seconds when you turn it on. From this moment the recording will start. Installs automatically. Only one touch system - ON/OFF. When you want to play back, simply plug it into a USB port in your computer. Then copy and save the files. You can play the files just like your normal music files.
  • 2 IN ONE - Pro Voice Recorder & Memory Stick (USB Flash Drive) - 8GB memory is enough to record about 48 hours. Max 20 hour continuous recording time on one battery charge. Max 1-2 hour charge time. Not only does this excellent piece of equipment work as an audio recorder but it can also be used as a regular USB flash drive.
  • LITTLE, HIGH QUALITY AND LONG LASTING Device - This new electronic cordless voice recorder has a very sensitive microphone that gives you clear recording. The best results obtained from up to 15 feet. This voice recorder is the perfect pocket-sized way to record both inside and outdoors.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: SWITCH ON AND WAIT 7 SECONDSS Red light flashes three times recording ,Doesn't need to be plugged into a computer to record. This device is meant to be used for recording lectures, meetings, concerts, events, notes, ideas, conversations, etc.


To Help You Succeed More! Used by students, journalists, doctors, patients, musicians, writers, parents, teachers! If you need to remember 100% of what you hear, you will simply not want to settle for any less than what this small Dictaphone can give you!RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE GADGET: Simple to use: Just plug the memo voice recorder into a USB port.

This Unique product Can Be Use 

(1) In School To Receive Lectures

(2) It Can Be Use In Church And Mosques To Record Sermon

(3) It Is Good For Board Room Meetings And Meetings Generally

(4) Can Also Be Used To Monitor Activities In Your Home Or Your Office Without Any Of Your Staff Suspecting Anything

(5) Are You Into Investigative Journalism? This Product Is Simply The Best For You

(6) It Can Also Be Used By Police Officer To Gather Information  From Suspect Without He/She Suspecting Anything

Main Features

1. Built-in microphone: One-touch recording and high quality recording. Recording via high grade built-in microphone.

2. Durable: Playback via durable quality speaker.Recording telephone conversations.

3. LCD screen:Recording via external microphone.LCD screen with color backlight.

4. Multifunction: Working as drive free USB flash disk.Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

5. Instructions: Low battery indicating function. The material is durable and practical.

An Amazing Customers Reviews Here

Amaka ****Lagos

Purchased this for my child to use during classes. Sometimes it helps to remember new concepts when doing problems for the first time. The product was delivered on time and works fantastic. The sound quality is better than expected. You can hear everything in the surrounding area, and the voice of the speaker is clear and distinct from the background noise. In a completely quiet setting, it is fantastic. I only wish that it had something made on it to be able to connect it to something like a keychain to keep it from getting misplaced.

Sharon. ****Asaba

Very smart little gadget! It can record while plugged into a computer and it picks up audio from 30 ft. It can also function as a USB storage device. I like it a lot.

Festus ****Abuja

I really liked this recorder and the sound was very clear and precise. I was worried because I didnt know what to expect from it . Would recommend to others looking for a good USB recorder.

Why you need this now!

  • Good For Students: Are you a students, get this usb voice recorder and take it to lecture room to record all the lectures. You can now listen to the recorded version at your on convenient. Very good for revision.
  • You Can Use It To Monitor Activities In Your Home Or Offices: Yes  this usb voice recorder can be used to monitor what people are saying at your back. I can still remembered vividly about my uncle that was suspecting his wife of adultery, He got this usb voice recorder and just put it on the shelf in the sitting room. His wife without suspecting anything invited her concubine to come over again. Unfortunately for them, this recorder captured all their conversation. The end of this story is better imagine
  • Can Be Used For Board Room Meetings: If you are a secretary, Just get this usb voice recorder and always take it to the meeting. It will help you in writing your minutes in a way that even your boss will continue to credit you for having a computer brain, without them knowing your secret.
  • You can also use it to record yourself while having conversation with people. It is going to be a good reference point when the person wanted to deny all that he has said, as you can easily play it back to the person to listen to all what he has said. With this usb voice recorder, no room for denial.
  •   The advantages of this usb voice recorder is just too numerous to mention, as it means different things to different people.
  • Specification

    • Flash memory
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Size: 68 mm x 22 mm x 9 mm
    • Battery use time: Sustainable use about 17 hours after charging
    • Recording format: WAV
    • Power supply: Lithium ion battery
    • Operating system: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win 7
    • Support: Android OTG
    • Recording bit rate: 128 K bps
      USB port: USB 2.0

    How To Use This USB Voice Recorder

    Charging. This Usb voice recorder has an inbuilt battery that can last up to 14hrs of recording when fully charged. To charge the device, simply plug it to your laptop or any usb charger. When it is charging, it will show a red light which will be blinking intermittently. The red light will stop once it fully charged. The battery will be fully charged in less than an hour. Once it is fully charged, kindly disconnect to save the battery life.

    Recording. Their is an off/on switch beside the device. Simply push the switch to ON. It will show a red light which will blink for like 3 times and then goes off. Once the light stop, recording has started. Simply place it around you and it will cover everything everyone is saying within that vicinity. Please note that this recording device can pick a voice of up to 15 feet afar.

    How To Listen To Your Recording. Simply plug it to your laptop, you will see a folder term RECORD. Click on that folder, you will see all the file you have recorded. Simply right click on anyone you want to listen  to by  picking  a media player in your computer to listen . AS simple as ABC

    CAUTION: To avoid damaging the battery, ensure you did not record while charge the battery.

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